Liar Liar House on Fire

from by Laval



I've seen what's buried under the surface
You hide all your secrets under the mattress
God damn you all
I see no point of carrying on
My ears are pinned to the floor
Not a sound, no ones home
It's so absurd to revolt
When you're sure just to follow their moves
Like a sheep in heat

Time to say goodbye

I'm aware that this feeling is mutual
Let's refrain from this outdated ritual
My mind sinks deep into the lore
I seem to struggle to feel anymore
Crimson streaks down from all the cracks in the walls
As it fills in the spaces deep in the floor boards
I can feel you watching
Keep your eyes peeled and up towards the ceiling
It moves closer and closer and closer
My urges strengthened by this never ending torture

This dread barely moves
Grab tight the things you hold dear
Got no more time to lose
Strike a match burn this sucker to the ground

Fire fire
Set it ablaze
Watch as the dark's illuminated by flame
Fire fire
Fire fire
Send it away
This homes now a burden, this loves not the same
Fire fire
Fire fire
A world that's so empty, fill it with hate
Fire fire
Set it aflame
Watch as the smoke engulfs everything
Fire fire
Fire, fire, fire


from lΛVΛl I, released November 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Laval Montreal, Québec

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