from by Laval



Tilted toes crept down these halls
She leaves all of the lights on
Eyes well up with tears of old
Once confronted with the day's new sun, she's burned, now she's burnt

Tainted wit cuts deep like swords
Creaking floors are forever scorned
Somber lights bleed through the sky
I've never felt this high, never this high

I stand until my legs grow numb
And this ground beneath has sunken into a grave for us all
My hands have been worn down to the bone
But I dare not loosen my grip to this here rope
Yet I still slip inch by inch as does my hope
These rooms forever haunted by memories of ghosts
And these floors are much softer, all the while louder than most
I've been teaching scriptures to the blind
Through flagrant awes and passing sighs

I've had enough of all of you

It paces
It flutters
I'm done


from lΛVΛl I, released November 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Laval Montreal, Québec

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